The Unrestricted, Unnecessary, And Unruly Law To Protect Who?


The fact that there are so many things in the world that have a statute or a law beside it is something of a sight to behold. If things were to be treated as simple as the laws that were being created and are being created, then there wouldn’t be any problems that would exist in the world. If the problems and the issues that haunt the society at large nowadays were to be as simple as the laws that are made to protect people, then we wouldn’t need those laws in the first place and people would be able to solve it on their own. Things like sabung ayam being deemed as something that is illegal and therefore should be punished by law should anyone follow it is somewhat a vague relation between what the real problem is and what problems are being manipulated as something that is fake.So in order to find out about what the actual problems are, the collateral damage is taken by these small time aspects of the society that being treated as the culprits and being charged with the crimes that the violent and the big bosses are doing.

The Actual Problem

When something is as simple as the problem of sabung ayam is being elevated to the level that it causes bans and protests from city states and that gives rise to many of the political as well as social problems is something of an alarming matter to consider. If we take these minor problems and elevate them, are we curbing the problems or simply masking the bigger problems and pouring our frustration and the tension that we cannot stop the bigger problems and show it on these smaller issues? That kind of a question is important to ask and the answer to it is fairly straightforward in that we don’t focus on the smaller issues.


If we turn our attention towards the bigger picture, one of two things will happen. The first one being people will get hope and trust the government of doing something for the problems and two, there will be more fear in the people committing the bigger crimes.

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